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Guiyang easy road accompany driving service limited has new 2012 paragraph Honda Accord, Honda front fan, models, automatically manual document complete, each car car are distribution has security Deputy brake system, vehicles purchase full insurance, third insurance 500,000 yuan, if you in sparring process in the vehicles occurred accident, and scraping rub, and illegal, all responsibility by we to is responsible for, Guiyang easy road accompany driving, and Guiyang accompany driving, and Guiyang accompany driving company, and Guiyang car sparring, and Guiyang accompany driving price, and Guiyang accompany driving which home company good, and Guiyang which home accompany driving best, Let your worry-free driving. Professional accompany driving coach is forces veterans (deep households), from forces training out excellent driving technology (pass license), and has more than 20 years driving experience, engaged in years accompany driving mentor work, has rich of accompany driving guide experience, very skilled car operation skills and the car maintenance maintenance knowledge, very familiar Guiyang road and the various traffic logo, on students patience, and attitude kind, and guide clear, and technology excellent, and full door shuttle (urban within). Novice one Omni-directional driving training, VIP service, unique teaching mode, ensure that you quickly enhance the overall view of complex road conditions and driving skills and techniques, life, actually feel the pleasure of driving. Different needs we will provide you tailored professional accompanied driving training course.

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