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By drunk drivers car accident will take 30% responsibility

Liu Yuan, some colleagues, after drinking with them, Liu Yuan, a train home, collided with the truck on the way, Liu also was injured. To that end, he would court a, truck drivers and insurers to court for compensation.
this morning, informed the Court of Fangshan, Liu knew Court drunk driving, is still riding, he was for his "assumption of risk" pay, therefore, in the accident, Liu will take on 30% responsibilities.
early June, Liu Yuan, after work and several other colleagues to drinking in a pub. Drink, Liu Yuan, a train to go home. Liang Yuan drive to Beijing high-speed road, his car and driving a large truck collided in front, before Liu's head hitting the windshield, causing skull fractures, abdominal fluid, multiple rib fractures, rupture of liver.
because of injury, Liu didn't go to work for two months and cost tens of thousands of Yuan in medical expenses. To that end, his lorry driver colleague Yuan, Xu, insurance companies to court, demanding third party liability. Xu
truck drivers believe that Court, drunk driving, speeding, and Liu volunteered to ride, and not wearing a seat belt, don't agree to assume liability. Yuan said, I drank wine, Liu fully informed, but he also volunteered to take, should reduce their liability.
Fangshan court trials believe that Liu knew Court, drunk driving and riding the vehicle, damage also has its own faults, and agents of their free take a driving of the vehicle, a liability should be appropriately reduced Yuan. In this accident, the Court assume responsibility for 70%, Liu will assume responsibility for 30%.

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