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Police promotion: driving home don't litter

Closer and closer to the Lunar New Year holiday, holiday is a joyous, but look back on the mid-autumn day during the free Highway, reminiscent of the keywords is not only "parking lot", and "garbage dump", "public toilet". Flying all over the newspapers, plastic bags, shocking, and refuse not only pollutes the environment, is also blamed for traffic accidents. Nanjing police special initiatives yesterday, driving home, refusing to throw litter out of his car.
it is understood that throw trash on the highway is relatively common, Nanjing section of Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway only cleaned out of all kinds of junk more than 40 tons a year. High-speed free release on national day last year, litter is serious, banana peels, facial tissue, seed shells and cigarette butts everywhere. In fact not only pollute the environment, litter can also cause traffic accidents, flying out of a bottle of a moment, if it fell on the windshields of other vehicles may block driver's view, causing the accident, extremely fast even through the windshield, causing casualties. If high-speed vehicles rolling into the pavement junk, or in order to avoid the road garbage, could get out of control causing significant traffic accidents. In November 2012, the Shanghai-Nanjing high-speed main line, to avoid the vehicle in front of a car out of a beverage can, consciously play direction, results vehicle lost control and crashed into the fence, collision is serious.
initiative of the traffic police in Nanjing, Chinese new year to drive home, refusing to throw litter out of his car. En route, it is best to prepare a garbage bag in the car, the trash inside garbage bags, wait until the service area or the city to throw the garbage bags in the trash. The traffic safety Act, motor vehicle carrying when leaving, throwing cargo fined 200 Yuan fines, throwing items out of the window while driving a 50 Yuan fine, the passengers fined 20 Yuan penalty for throwing items out of the window, if the other vehicle accidents caused by throwing objects, will bear the responsibility for the accident. BACK

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