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Chauffeur driver violation no evidence owner helpless guy

Yesterday, Mr Tang said the public, one night in late February, dine drink too much wine he let hotel managers to help a generation of drivers, when driving to the North Central High, speeding vehicles was made. Mr Tang to the generation coming after the company asked for hopes the car as evidence, but the driver says the car within a week had been destroyed. Mr Tang said, because there is no evidence that motorists are not his, he could run the risk of driving license demerit points, is the dumb man eating the bitter out of coptis chinensis.
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vehicle violation find drivers home who knows
decoction on February 21 at a hotel near Racecourse for dinner, he drank too much wine at dinner time, in order to avoid checking for drink drivers, he and a few friends let hotel managers help you find several drivers. Soup my routes from around the racetrack to jinshazhou four seasons flower city, at about 9 o'clock that night, driver after driver, Mr Tang was on a car.
Tang recalled, he got on the bus to tell the driver to go quickly from the South, North Central Jin Sha Chau. When it reached the northern ring, he also reminded drivers North ring Expressway speed limit is 100 km/h, so that drivers from speeding.
but when they drive on the North Central Freeway, and Mr Tang suddenly saw the car speed up to 120 km/h, and then he saw the front of the camera flashes for a while. Mr Tang said, he specifically looked at the time, it was 9 o'clock at night more than 40 points.
about 10 o'clock in the evening, Mr Tang sent home for drivers. Soup gave the driver costs 150 Yuan, the driver after the driver gave him an invoice left. Mr Tang said he did not ask the driver the driver's name, even the looks don't remember.
7th, more than 10 days have passed, Mr Tang suddenly queries into his car on February 21 at 9:48 P.M. in North Central on the highway for speeding. He recalls the night's situation, remembering it was chauffeur driver to take him home. Mr Tang said, under the current rules, speed not 50% will face the penalty points.
"but when driving not me, can I do I have to accept the punishment? "So, Mr Tang began to look for evidence of the driver when he is not.
Mr Tang said: "I found the driver's complaint hotline, to be reimbursed for by night out card, let them give me when they hesitated and did not reply. "Subsequently, Mr TANG went on to ask whether it can produce a car that night, they said, car companies have been destroyed within a week. When Mr Tang reflecting the generation coming after driving illegal things, they must report the leadership, but later had no context.
soup was disappointed that night drivers give him 150 invoices invoices issued by the company is not driving, but post the invoice, the invoice he cannot prove the night of February 21 he is looking for drivers.
driver sound
are looking for the driver of the company "flying" difficult to determine after the violation
from a chauffeur company, Mr Tang was unable to find driving violations February 21 9:48 P.M. is not his own evidence, this soup is a headache. He said he went to the hotel for dinner there that night looking for evidence, because the hotel has preserved the driver records, including how many people find the drivers, which room guests find drivers and other information for the consumer.
"even helped provide guests of the hotel looking for driver information, but also unable to lock the drivers which one. "This generation coming in sanyuanli Avenue, Baiyun district, Gong company responsible for overseeing complaints said. Companies have to find, only to find the company under the chauffeur for soup, but without finding a driving driver returned to the company handed back to single, several drivers live that night, but not to the Jin Sha Chau, because the company leaves the driver hand over back to the single, so which one is unable to lock the drivers.
Mr Gong said, because at that time to Mr Tang dynasty driving post invoices that are issued by the driver, the company is working through this thread looking for soup chauffeur drivers. Mr Gong said, at present, their chauffeur company with dozens of drivers, the company has signed a contract with them, stipulated in the contract on behalf of drivers who violated traffic regulations when living, the driver should be held responsible. So once you have found the soup of the night driver driver, the driver is responsible for the violation.
Mr Gong said chauffeur company management is vulnerable to the driver, the driver "flying" more. Like, has guest called has generation driving Hou, company will according to need Xia single, arrangements near of driver generation driving, driver through and guest communication found also has more than a guest need generation driving, this driver may will called Shang he of friends or company other no sent workers of driver with to, so was company sent workers of driver may carrying of is not called has generation driving of guest, but leakage testing of guest, this situation also called "fly single".
Mr Gong said, there is a case, guests and the drivers know, next time you when looking for a driver directly, not through a company called the driver, the driver may completed the deal privately, such cases are more difficult to monitor.
recommends customers stayed with drivers written
yesterday, haizhu squadrons of police told journalists, in this case, if I could find the drivers, drivers would have to bear the punishment, if you can't find drivers, owner face punishment.
reporter interviewed Wang Jiabin of Guangdong run branch law firm lawyers, he said, from a legal point of view, there are two main legal relations, one traffic police penalties for illegal vehicles, vehicle violation traffic police penalties, whether owner or driver drivers driving, the vehicle will have to bear the punishment.
there is a legal relationship between drivers and delegate relationships between customers, customer agent-drivers if fines are illegal, even if the owner take the fine, the owner also has the right to recourse against the drivers. If there is no evidence that drivers are drivers, he is a scapegoat.
he said that in view of this situation, recommended drivers leave messages like driver Protocol, agreement from oral into written driver left on the appropriate evidence. Owners in the absence of proof of the case will bear the punishment of violation liability.
as a chauffeur company, putting the customer first, assist customers in finding illegal drivers, provide the appropriate evidence. And the driver should strengthen the management of the company, sets a perfect workflow, to avoid such things from happening again. BACK

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